The pair behind “House of Disaster” talk their double win at the American Tracks

Sergio and Elena form the two-side faced artist behind the “House of Disaster” project. This August, they got selected to 4 different categories during the same competition, and eventually took home Artist Revelation and Best Music. What a run ! We had to get back to them for an interview…
House of Disaster is the first submitter to win two different categories in competition on the same edition at the American Tracks Music Awards. Many congratulations. Can you tell us more on who you are, and how both of you form “House of Disaster” ?
House of Disaster is an Italian’s production and artistic couple and Company with a very special collaboration. We are also a real couple in our Life. Sergio is the musical part of the group; he comes from the electronic music, he was an international DJ. Elena comes from the theatrical and artistic world. She studied at the “Liceo Artistico” and  worked as costume creator in several touristic villages. After that she developed her ability in make-up-FX :  she is able to create with her crafts several scenographic effects. Both involved in artistic world but in different ways. 
You won best music with “Towards Glory”. This award usually goes to musical tracks, or instrumentals within our contest. This is the first time is goes to a score / film music. How would you define your own music : music for films, or music in another way ?
The best definition for our music is “our  polyhedrical feel”.
It is simply the product of our emotions, our love for any artistic field and of our synergy in our private Life such as in working Life.
Fortunately we are able to produce several type of music and, for this reason It could be used for films, spots, cinema, TV, media…
You won Artist Revelation, which is a big deal, with another track : “Dark Angel”. What about the genesis of this track, and the album that comes with it ?
The title “Dark Angels” was inspired by our personal vision and dark universe. In fact some of our Friends told us that our love for the dark and horror world is always in contrast with our kindness in real Life. We are the angels of the dark art ! 
Are both of these tracks pertaining to existing films ? Short or features ? 
Only “Dark Angels” has been use for a small segment in our short “Le Ombre di Sheila” fully produced and directed by us. 
Following on that short film, “Le Ombre di Sheila” (The Shadows of Sheila). What is it about ?
This is a short film that touches a very important theme for young boys and girls who live in very self-righteous families. But when everything seems loose… Something supernatural happens. Every moment of the work has been spiced with our dark and horror touch. This is just like our signature.
What was the job each of you assumed in this project ?
Together we have been the mind and the arms of the entire project in the dame ways. We first wrote the screenplay, selected the actors after a big casting. We both directed the actors and the camera operator. Sergio oversaw the audio and Elena the makeup, costumes and scenography. Together we assumed the entire organization from the begining to the end of the set. Sergio then composed all the tracks and worked on the sound design with the help of Elena.

Checking on your website, you have a lot of music to listen to here, your “Colonne Sonore”. You seem pretty creative. How long does it take you to compose a track ?

There is no a fixed time to compose. It depends on the particular sensations during the moment I’m composing.
Generally for a complex track with a complex mix of instruments the timing is about 2/7 days.
We have been asked for a soundtrack for an USA horror serie and in 1 day I have completed the entire track. 
Can you tell us about some music references you may have ? Some role models ? And some films you look at your own personal classics ?
My inspiration is my life, my family in which I can find all my energy and effort. I think my music is something innovative and different, this is the reason why I can firmly say that it is not a copy of anyone or inspired by no-one than my personal feelings. 
What are your ongoing or soon to come projects ? 
We can only say that we are going to work to another cinematographic project, surely another album and a couple of other top secret projects. 
Sorry but we can’t be more detailed for the moment. 🙂