Stefan K, very 1st score award winner, talks to us

Stefan K. (standing for Kristinkov) was our very first winner for a score, back in December 2016. He also submitted the same motnh with another track that got finalist… The same category, against himself !

We went back to him to get to know more about his music.

Stefan, you were one of the three winners of the inaugural edition of the American Tracks Music Awards, back in 2016 (score category). Do you remember submitting and why?

Yes, I remember submitting. At that point, RJTD had already received a few awards and was featured on a few film festivals.

I was browsing through the Filmfreeway for festivals accepting music scores, and found American Tracks Music Awards. And I thought that it would be an appropriate place to submit. I was not disappointed.

Later, it was included in my album of film music titled “1:31 AM”.


Do you consider RJTD like a classic or regular music score ? Or what’s its originality ?

Well, the film music genre is still young, so, I believe it is too early to determine what is classic in it and what is not. There are constant experiments going on. People are trying different things to better convey the message they want to deliver.

RJTD is definitely experimental in all aspects, and, like everything I do in music, it also combines and fuses elements from different styles.

In addition, it is written using the compositional technique that I am developing, which, I believe, is well suited for conveying different, even contrasting emotions. There are no “clean” emotions in real life. It is always mixed – happiness and pain, sadness and hope and so on. And in RJTD it needed to be funny and scary.


You have a solid music background. Can you tell us about you and your music path ?

I started studying music at 5. Then music school, music college, conservatory, university. I was and am performing and recording with many wonderful musicians, in different countries and in many different styles and situations. All this has definitely influenced my compositional style.


Do you perform on stage you own music or are you a performer for other bands?

Yes, both, but not as often lately…


You published many songs and tracks already. Where can we find them ?

My music can be found anywhere where people usually get their music. iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, iHeart Radio and so on.


Is there something special bounding you to music made for film?

Music in film tells a story. It is there, because there is something that cannot be told with other means – visuals, dialogues, sound effects. This is usually about emotion, emotional state, feelings.

I like to do this, especially in situation when music tells something different, and really influences viewers’ emotional response.

Besides, musically it allows doing things that are not possible, or not appropriate in other genres. Thus, this enables a composer to be as creative as possible, which is very rewarding.

What are your music plans and projects for the next months ?

Recently, I wrote a score for a series pilot – e very nice, fun and non-violent story, or a series of stories, if there will be a continuation, which is expected. If so, I will be working on that.

My new album titled “A.M.A (Ask Me Anything)” is coming out these days.

So, please, check it out when you have nothing else to do. It is a first full-length album featuring me as a composer and a clarinet player. I’ve nicknamed it “clarinet, like you never heard before”, because it features clarinet in many unusual situations, which was never done before. Not on one album, at least. I have plans for my next album, and a few interesting collaborations are in the works.