French Star AUREGAN WINS Twice at the tracks music awards

Singer songwriter Auregan won Best Country Song last week with her song “Shelter in the Storm” featuring Billy Ray Cyrus.

 According to our Judges cards, Auregan took the song to the final win thanks to her voice and her “delicate and strong” performance.

Born in France, singer songwriter and composer Auregan recently took a smooth turn towards country music after an immensely successful career in France and Europe, with her album “Rock Movie” and its follow up “Tortuga”. 

Jeremy Campagne, a long time guitar player for Auregan, explains “It felt natural for her to evolve as an artist from cetic rock to country music. That’s something she wanted to pursue for a long time”. As a matter of fact, country music finds its roots in Irish music, and most of the tunes we listen to everyday on the Highway and Sirius Xm come from a long Celtic musical tradition.

Auregan in the studio.

The French singer shares with us: “my name Auregan can translate to ‘Born from the sun’ or to ‘Golden Voice’”.

No surprise then to hear Auregan’s golden voice singing with Country Music legend Billy Ray Cyrus on “Shelter in the Storm”.

“Billy just recorded his new album Change My Mind” says Auregan, “which is just the perfect balance between road vibes, country groove, and modern, heartfelt music. I just released my album Tortuga”.

“Billy listened to Auregan’s work and he loved it” says Auregan’s promoter Emma Malkovich, “he was really excited to work with her. He picked her and they picked the song together” she adds.

When asked what drew her to want to work with Miley Cyrus’ father and “Achy Breaky Heart” singer, Auregan drops: “his voice. I’ve always loved Billy’s deep voice, and I felt both our voice would really, really match”.

The song was recorded part in Los Angeles, and part in Paris. “Working with Billy was amazing. But I have to say working with Brandon Friesen was equally satisfying”.

Brandon Friesen is an American, Grammy Award nominated and multi-Juno Award winning music producer and audio engineer. His body of work include recordings with Avril Lavigne, Nickelback, Mötley Crüe and producing shows starring Justin Bieber, Kesha, Selena Gomez.

Auregan working in studio with producer Brandon Friesen.

“Brandon and I discussed a lot before stepping into the studio. We were looking for the right performance, the right sound” shares Auregan. 

“The pre-production got her working on the song in Los Angeles, London and Paris” adds Malkovich. “The journey she made with Billy Ray Cyrus and Brandon Friesen helped them grow the song into what it became. This is the only duo Billy Ray Cyrus ever made with a non-American artist”.

Auregan working in studio with producer Brandon Friesen.

“A French girl doing Country Music? It’s bonkers” drops producer Brandon Friesen. “She is a first class musician, you can feel that when she’s in the booth” he adds. “Her approach to music was something like I never heard before. She knows the genre through and through, she knows the songs” concludes Friesen.

Auregan’s website, Instagram, Apple Music.

“Shelter in the Storm” was reviewed by our panel of international Judges including Grammy Award Winners producers and nominees, multi-awarded artists, established managers and musicians.

James Bell