Elena Berkovitch remixes Hans Zimmer

Can you tell us more about your winning song, how you created it, where does it come from ?

I had the idea to show my real “Time”, modern time from born until death with much of beautiful moments and totally stress. The time before death is pretty short and we have just a few seconds before „the gate of life“ will be closed.

Therefore the remix has a transition from the first almost classical orchestral part to the hard sounded dubstep part.

This is my first project in electronic (production) music, the remix of “TIME” by Hans Zimmer (the Soundtrack to the Film “Inception”). The Remix does not include the original samples or stems of Hans Zimmer, all of the instruments were played by me with the hardware controller and sound libraries.

It is not the first time you get selected to the American Tracks… How do you use your wins and selections to promote yourself ?

I’m just starting to use social networks to build my internet presence. So I shared a Link to the Facebook-Site of American Tracks Music Award and my image with laurel on Facebook and SoundCloud.

Now I plan my own internet site, where I will publish the link to your website under “awards“.

Cool ! As an artist, what are your goals, what are you aiming for ?

I have just graduated as an Audio Engineer (in SAE Institute) and now I learn and begin to compose music for films and TV. I’m looking for a way and for people to collaborate with and going this way together. This is my biggest dream, realizing it will make me completely happy.


What would be some of your references or influences ?

My russian and jewish roots and the folk music that my mother sang in my childhood influenced me.



At the age of 7, my sister gave an album of classical music to me. When I heard Beethoven’s symphony N 5, a thousand stars exploded in my mind…

… and I realized, that music is able to strongly influence me and that it has power. Later I played and sang jazz and blues songs with my bands at the age of 20 and the styles influenced my musical perception. And of course i have a big respect for the greatest composer of our time Hans Zimmer and his Remote Control Productions team. I hope someday to meet him.

Where can we find your music ? Spotify, Itunes … ? Give us the links !

I’m just starting now and have not published many of my productions yet. They are still “in box” waiting for great release, some titles you can listen here: https://soundcloud.com/berkovitch