TMA winner conny conrad – Interview

Conny, you won Best Folk / Acoustic song this April at the TMA’s with “Send me a little light”. What is the story behind this song?

First of all I like to say a great “thank you” from the heart to you! I‘m very excited that I won your award! The song is the center of my new songproject of hope. You know, too many suffer of the Covid-19 crisis, so the melody plus the lyrics will send emotional support. Obviously this helps!

Following the announcement of your win at the TMA’s, it appears the song rose over 15K streams on Spotify, and landed on the German top 10? That is just awesome!

The official release of “Send me a little light” was in the end of April. It’s been amazing to see the media feedback in Germany and worldwide. At the moment I‘m invited to some TV-shows where I play unplugged. This money will also go to my social projects plus to musicians in need. And of course I do a lot of interviews online and on the phone. 

So I‘m extremely busy but so happy to see that my work has a value for the people! 

So the song helps raising money for charity?

Those with a good financials can buy the song on my artist page on Spotify. All the money goes to my song project for children rights “Rock for your children” which supports children in need since 10 years.

You have 45 years of music experience. How would you describe the role music plays into your life?

I am born and I will die as a musician. The guitar is a part of my body.

I play guitar since I was 4. I‘m 61 and very thankful for living this life. In 1978 I released my first single with my school band. Until today I had some major deals but all in all I was independent. Since 2001 I have my own label: CoCo records international. Being authentic was always rule no. 1 for me. 

Your achievements over the years are very quantifiable…

It adds up to 125 released CDs, 250 digital releases, 1.300 songs, dozens of awards, more than 2,5 million sold copies and billions of radio listeners.

It is an extraordinary result for an independent “one-man-band”, isn‘t it? as a result I won an historical 10 awards of the “German Rock and Pop Award 2019”! And now the TMA’s! Fantastic! 

You have plans to make a music video to support the song. Where are you at in the process, any visual ideas already?

I share the vocals with my good friend Gerd Kannemann who‘s a part of my music since 1994! Because of the Covic-19 restrictions we both did some video recordings with our mobiles 🙂 These clips will go to a professional video-producer who will combine it with positive sequences. Then it will be released on all usual portals like Youtube.

The song also is available for free download on your website, as a response to give music a chance during the Covid-19 situation. How does the current pandemic affect you, as an artist?

God thanks 99,9 % of my work happens in my studio. As a composer and producer I don’t really need to travel around.

You also work as a producer for hire.

I also spend time on supporting newcomer singers worldwide. I compose songs for their voice. They record their vocals anywhere (at home, other studios or in my studio). Then I plug the vocals with the music. The final product (single or album) can be released by my label. I charge a low fee for the production and I give 50% of the income back to the artist. This model is very fair and established for more than 30 years. 

What are your projects, actions, ideas to adjust to the new state of the world, and keep creative?

Beside my studio projects I‘m really looking forward to get into the professional film industry in the USA as a composer. I‘d like to come over to meet important and reliable people, look for an agent.

What are your upcoming projects?

My next projects are the musical “Atlantis”, and, my new solo album, and I’ll keep crafting new songs for established and new artists.

Any links you want to share about all that?

My music is available worldwide on all download and streaming platforms.

Get Send me a little light here.
 My current and my future projects are always available on my website ( and on my Facebook page.

Many thanks again for your support!