Dixie D’Amelio (TIKTOK REVELATION) Makes Billboard Chart Debut

Dixie D’Amelio Rises On Billboard Emerging Artists Chart As “Be Happy” Earns #1 On Bubbling Under Hot 100.

In conjunction with the release of her debut single “Be Happy,” Dixie D’Amelio debuted on last week’s Billboard Emerging Artists Chart.

This week, she makes a big jump on that chart.

Up thirty-one places, D’Amelio takes #18 on this week’s edition of the chart. The chart ranks the top artists who have yet to meet certain criteria on the key Billboard song or album charts; it accounts for factors like song consumption, album sales and social media activity.

D’Amelio, obviously, generated the overwhelming majority of activity from “Be Happy.” The song had a comparatively bigger second week than first, debuting at #1 on this week’s Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart. The chart ranks the Top 25 songs that have yet to appear on the actual Hot 100.

In addition to holding up well on the audio front, “Be Happy” benefited from a full week’s worth of streams on the video. The video arrived late in the previous tracking period, so its impact on last week’s chart was comparatively minimal.

Source: Headlineplanet, Billboard.