Gina Brooklyn, revelation from Ohio

Gina Brooklyn, who creates and resides in Akron, Ohio.  Surrounded by musicians growing up (her parents were in the local award-winning hard rock band Krank), her unwavering passion for all things music began at the age of 5, she recorded less than a decade later at OmniSound Studios in Nashville and Threshold Recording Studios in New York City. By the time she was 15, she recorded at Studio City Studios in Los Angeles, 515 Studios in Nashville, and Lava Room Recording Studios in Cleveland. Now only 16 years of age, she won June’s 2017 Artist Revelation Winner from The American Tracks Music Awards, with her single FACELESS.

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2017 Award Giveaway

The 2017 annual event of The Talent Factory took place on May 5 in Los Angeles.

All winners and nominees of the American Tracks Music Awards were invited. All those who were present got they certificate award in hand, and had the chance to have a QnA host by contest manager Matt Beurois, and got to talk about their song, their music videos, their craft.

Next annual event s scheduled on May 4*, in Los Angeles.

*Date is subject to slight change.


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