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SPOKEN WORDS and JAZZ VIBES but for a revolt

Mr. Corazon placed semi-finalist at the TMA’s last November with “The Dying Light”, a music video pamphlet in reaction to some of the worst moments of 2020.

Mr. Corazon is a solo artist and has been making his own self produced and directed music videos in Los Angeles. Self made artist, he shoots, edits, and performs in his own videos, creating all his content.

“The Dying Light” semi finalist place is a well deserved win as he uses poetic spoken words to engrave his screams.

We had him for an interview.

Your video is a protest song to support Black Live Matters. When did you feel the need to make this video?

The best way I can answer this question would be to say fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, and hate leads to pain and suffering. 

The song takes the position that racism in America is a precondition to being black.  Therefore, if you are black, you will be subjected to racism and your life will be indelibly sculpted by it. 

Of this, there is no choice. 

The song tries not to instruct or preach, but presents its discourse about racism as sad reality that is familiar to us as our own skin or the sad refrain of a funeral march.  The first and second verses of the song reflect a feeling of numbness having been subjected to fear for so long.  But, when you have lived a life of fear and anger, eventually the suffering and the rage toward injustice seeps out and is heard in the lament of the chorus…”Shot by the cops.” 

A statement of fact I was taught to understand the moment I recognized my skin color was not the same as everyone else’s in America.  The song understands the evil of racism is as old as our culture and as persistent.  Yet, people wish to deny the facts and hide the truth to avoid their own responsibility, culpability, and hand in the crimes against black people. 

Dying Light tries to give a sorely needed acknowledgment that the History of racism is undeniable and continues to boldly and blatantly destroy black lives.  It contradicts the naysayers and deniers and says to black people, I understand you, and I believe you.

When did you complete it?

The general song structure was composed the day after Trayvon Martin was shot and it was completed at the start of 2020.  Unhappy with previous drafts due to the difficult subject matter, and my approach, the song took eight years to complete in its final form.

The video shows many graphic footage of many Black people victim of direct violence. Was it your goal to balance the visual violence with a soft musical atmosphere?

Yes, I felt the contrast between conversational verses and the potent images of real documented violence toward black people would signify the way we have normalized violence against black people.  Often we are stereotyped as “angry black people”, but the truth is we are expected to be calm and resigned to living in a country that has justified murdering members of our community by the very people sworn to protect us. 

This creates an inner conflict and stress that most black people feel forced to hide, and it hurts us.

Lyrics are also pretty explicit, but still it feels contained in a way. Where did you draw the line in the words you chose to use?

The point of the song was to invite people to listen, most people won’t listen when they are being screamed or cursed at, even if well deserved. 

So my approach to the lyrics of this song was to make the song conversational to invite people into a space where we can talk honestly

and if in agreement, then shout together what we know and see to be a sad truth in our lives.  The song is a rallying call to those who want to resist the undeniable racism we experience.

You are a one man band, playing music, writing the lyrics, singing, editing your own videos… Would you like in the future to form a band or collaborate with other artists?

I also have worked for years with one producer who I often collaborate with.  Jerry Andrews, from Zona Sound in Long Beach California.  He is a music industry professional producer who has worked for Universal, many well-known artists, and has supported my cause by making himself affordable to work with.  Without this rare opportunity, I would not be here.  But because of his nature and nurture approach with artists, I have two new albums coming out in early 2021.  I love music, and the joy of playing and creating.  If someone wanted to collaborate with me I’m always open to that possibility.  

What are you working on right now, what are your next projects? 

There are many hot irons in the fire! The first is the album by the same name as my single, Dying Light, explores forces which have tried to pull the world back into darkness.  The second new project to be released is called Unknown, which offers to be a soundtrack to the Pandemic we have all been suffering from. Both of these new albums will be released under the Sonic Frontier Record Label in early 2021 on Itunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, and Bandcamp.

SURPRISE! Taylor Swift’s 8th studio album: Folklore

It’s official: Taylor Swift‘s eighth record Folklore is a unanimous critical and commercial success.

The surprise album, which was released Friday, has sold over 1.3 million copies in just 24 hours, as well as breaking a global streaming record on Spotify and Apple Music.

Republic Records released the information on album sales, while Spotify said it had broken the record  for first-day album streams by a female artist with 80.6 million streams.

n a social media statement, Taylor described the album as an ‘entire brand new album of songs I’ve poured all of my whims, dreams, fears and musings into… Before this year, I probably would’ve overthought when to release this music at the ‘perfect time,’ but the times we’re living in keep reminding me that nothing is guaranteed.’

Source: Daily Mail.

Dixie D’Amelio (TIKTOK REVELATION) Makes Billboard Chart Debut

Dixie D’Amelio Rises On Billboard Emerging Artists Chart As “Be Happy” Earns #1 On Bubbling Under Hot 100.

In conjunction with the release of her debut single “Be Happy,” Dixie D’Amelio debuted on last week’s Billboard Emerging Artists Chart.

This week, she makes a big jump on that chart.

Up thirty-one places, D’Amelio takes #18 on this week’s edition of the chart. The chart ranks the top artists who have yet to meet certain criteria on the key Billboard song or album charts; it accounts for factors like song consumption, album sales and social media activity.

D’Amelio, obviously, generated the overwhelming majority of activity from “Be Happy.” The song had a comparatively bigger second week than first, debuting at #1 on this week’s Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart. The chart ranks the Top 25 songs that have yet to appear on the actual Hot 100.

In addition to holding up well on the audio front, “Be Happy” benefited from a full week’s worth of streams on the video. The video arrived late in the previous tracking period, so its impact on last week’s chart was comparatively minimal.

Source: Headlineplanet, Billboard.

Director Mikhail Romanovskiy unveils backstage secrets of TMA winning Music Video “Ashageta”

Mikhail, you won TMA’s Best Music Video back in March 2020 (seems so long ago already), congrats!)

First, I would like to say that Varya and I are very thankful to the TMA festival as it was an honor to get “Best Music Video” award.

To this day, “Ashageta” got more than 15 international awards at different types of film festivals.

The video shows artist Varya Demidova performing “Ashageta”. Did you work with her before? How did you get attached to the project?

It was our first project, but I am sure not the last one. I have been looking for long time for a performer whose songs could be filled with a creative spark, a performer who I connect with and can create things that are “outside of the box”. 

Varya is a very popular performer who has collaborated with world known group B-2, who’s songs are considered to be sort of classic in Russian Rock culture. I contacted Varya and we discussed the possibilities of making a music video for her new song. It was definitely a great opportunity to make something beautiful and creative.   

What is your background and what led you to the MusicVideo community?

My general background includes Commercials, Film and TV. These experiences have taught me the technology of production, to be open-minded and very detail oriented. Of course, I have done some music videos before “Ashageta”. The biggest plus of music videos as a form of art is that this type of project allows you to have more creative freedom. I love when an artist has a mind-blowing vision, it enables creative discussions and endless possibilities. As a result, you are getting a good amount of ideas to choose the best one from. 

You are from Russia, so is the artist. The music video takes advantage of astounding natural locations. Where did you film, and how many sets did you use?

“Ashageta” was mostly shot in Turkey, mainly. We went across that wonderful country to find these incredible places. Because of the dream sequence in the video, we wanted to have not only visual diversity like beaches, deserts, valleys, mountains, old towns, but also to show unusual characters like dervishes and fire performers. The stunts were done in Moscow with a big crew. Models who I have worked with before know that I love to do unique heart pumping shots, of course I offered Varya to do some incredible water and air stunts, and she was excited to do something like that. We found a huge pool to shoot the underwater part and had an incredible team of stunt professionals to make Varya fly up above the bed. At the end of the day we had around 15 different locations.    

These incredible sets are paired with Visual Effects that push the envelope and create an eerie atmosphere, underlining the journey of the main character. Can you sum-up the concept of the video?

The main idea of the video is she is going through a journey within herself while going through the dream. The girl who is looking for answers. She is traveling door to door, outside of time and space and through the worlds, where anything is possible, even several moons in the sky in the middle of a clear, bright day. She is struggling, trying to overcome her inner demon, who is attempting to distract her from self-journey, however as soon as she is able to find inner peace and harmony, as if it was a magical medallion, she transforms and redefines herself at the same time figuring out all the answers she was searching for. At the end she wakes, somehow still maintaining connection with her transformed inner self.

Back to the underwater scene: it must have required a very special setup. Can you walk us through the key specifics to make it happen?

Sure, any stunts require a team of professionals and a controlled environment. We needed to find a big pool with a glass wall or sort of a window. That is why we decided to shoot that part in Moscow. We found an incredible place, made a setup of black plastic inside the pool and sort of podium for jumps. Of course, we had a CPR certified person on stand-by, in case we had to provide CPR and/or first aid. We did some modifications to the singer’s dress, so each part of it could move more fluently and gracefully in water. The head of the Stunts department and Varya had to thoroughly go over and rehearse all the proper techniques and was on stand-by to make sure that each jump was safe. It was not easy for Varya, as she had to not only properly brace herself but also be able to flow it into graceful moves under water, immediately after the jump. It wasn’t always coming out pretty and graceful, as it was planned, however, Varya was super strong and wanted nothing short of perfection, as she kept on trying to do a take after take, in order to reach the desirable outcome.  As a result, we got a lot of incredible footage.

What is your next project, and where can we follow your work?

Right now, I work in NYC for RTVI TV channel as a chief production director. We have more than 11 million viewers around the world, people in 50 countries can watch our new shows. We already launched several incredible highly rated projects. For example, “Amazons of XXI century” is a series of documentaries about women who immigrated to the U.S. and found themselves on different paths of success. The leading idea behind the show is to empower women by demonstrating strong characters, revealing all the struggles these women faced, and their achievements when they left everything to come to America. The host of the show is Alina Polianskikh. We are preparing a new season of programming, which includes documentaries, entertainment and educational shows. 

But of course, I am always opened to new projects with singers and other artists. As I mentioned before, music videos give me a creative freedom and flexibility for storytelling, which adds value to my craft.  That is why I am always in search of and trying to get to know as many artistic people as possible.

MIKHAIL’s link:




TMA winner conny conrad – Interview

Conny, you won Best Folk / Acoustic song this April at the TMA’s with “Send me a little light”. What is the story behind this song?

First of all I like to say a great “thank you” from the heart to you! I‘m very excited that I won your award! The song is the center of my new songproject of hope. You know, too many suffer of the Covid-19 crisis, so the melody plus the lyrics will send emotional support. Obviously this helps!

Following the announcement of your win at the TMA’s, it appears the song rose over 15K streams on Spotify, and landed on the German top 10? That is just awesome!

The official release of “Send me a little light” was in the end of April. It’s been amazing to see the media feedback in Germany and worldwide. At the moment I‘m invited to some TV-shows where I play unplugged. This money will also go to my social projects plus to musicians in need. And of course I do a lot of interviews online and on the phone. 

So I‘m extremely busy but so happy to see that my work has a value for the people! 

So the song helps raising money for charity?

Those with a good financials can buy the song on my artist page on Spotify. All the money goes to my song project for children rights “Rock for your children” which supports children in need since 10 years.

You have 45 years of music experience. How would you describe the role music plays into your life?

I am born and I will die as a musician. The guitar is a part of my body.

I play guitar since I was 4. I‘m 61 and very thankful for living this life. In 1978 I released my first single with my school band. Until today I had some major deals but all in all I was independent. Since 2001 I have my own label: CoCo records international. Being authentic was always rule no. 1 for me. 

Your achievements over the years are very quantifiable…

It adds up to 125 released CDs, 250 digital releases, 1.300 songs, dozens of awards, more than 2,5 million sold copies and billions of radio listeners.

It is an extraordinary result for an independent “one-man-band”, isn‘t it? as a result I won an historical 10 awards of the “German Rock and Pop Award 2019”! And now the TMA’s! Fantastic! 

You have plans to make a music video to support the song. Where are you at in the process, any visual ideas already?

I share the vocals with my good friend Gerd Kannemann who‘s a part of my music since 1994! Because of the Covic-19 restrictions we both did some video recordings with our mobiles 🙂 These clips will go to a professional video-producer who will combine it with positive sequences. Then it will be released on all usual portals like Youtube.

The song also is available for free download on your website, as a response to give music a chance during the Covid-19 situation. How does the current pandemic affect you, as an artist?

God thanks 99,9 % of my work happens in my studio. As a composer and producer I don’t really need to travel around.

You also work as a producer for hire.

I also spend time on supporting newcomer singers worldwide. I compose songs for their voice. They record their vocals anywhere (at home, other studios or in my studio). Then I plug the vocals with the music. The final product (single or album) can be released by my label. I charge a low fee for the production and I give 50% of the income back to the artist. This model is very fair and established for more than 30 years. 

What are your projects, actions, ideas to adjust to the new state of the world, and keep creative?

Beside my studio projects I‘m really looking forward to get into the professional film industry in the USA as a composer. I‘d like to come over to meet important and reliable people, look for an agent.

What are your upcoming projects?

My next projects are the musical “Atlantis”, and, my new solo album, and I’ll keep crafting new songs for established and new artists.

Any links you want to share about all that?

My music is available worldwide on all download and streaming platforms.

Get Send me a little light here.
 My current and my future projects are always available on my website (www.connyconrad.net) and on my Facebook page.

Many thanks again for your support!

Gabby barrett breaks number one: the dream goes on!

Gabby Barrett’s Debut Single, “I Hope,” Reaches No. 1 on Billboard Country Airplay Chart

For just the fourth time in 14 years, a solo female artist’s debut single has reached No. 1 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart.

Gabby Barrett’s debut single, “I Hope,” hit No. 1 on both the Billboard Country Airplay chart and Mediabase chart this week.

Gabby is now the fourth solo female artist in 14 years to score a No. 1 hit on the Billboard Country Airplay chart with her debut single, following Carly Pearce’s “Every Little Thing” (Nov. 2017), Kelsea Ballerini’s “Love Me Like You Mean It” (June 2015) and Carrie Underwood’s “Jesus, Take the Wheel” (Jan. 2006).

“I can’t believe this is happening . . . this is amazing,” said Gabby. “Thank you to country radio for being so welcoming and supportive. And to my husband, family, fans, label, team and everyone who has supported me along the way—this would not have been possible without you. God is good, all the time.”

Penned by Gabby, Zachary Kale and Jon Nite, “I Hope” was produced by Kale and Ross Copperman.

Source: nashcountrydaily.com

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