On December 2016, Talent Factory launched an International Music Contest:

The American Tracks Music Awards.

The American Tracks Music Awards is made to select the best motivated and creative artists from all over the world.

We accept songs, sounds, each kind of track, any genre.



Our competition lists winners every month: submit any time, and on the first day of each month, we announce the monthly winners on our website, Facebook page and FilmFreeway page.



The more the ATMA competition grows, the more submissions we receive.

For 3 years now, we’ve been picking winners from all over the world and sometimes, established artists get to win too.

Check it out here.



Submit using the FilmFreeway platform.

FilmFreeway is a platform to submit films to festivals, but it also has a feature for music and songwriting. Using FilmFreeway, we can easily manage to send you feedback, get your song to stream, see your information and have you selected in the process.



Entries are non refundable.

Each entry must have a song title, and an artist or band name attached.
We appreciate to have a cover or artwork for submissions.

Each track must be no longer than 5 minutes.

Sound quality : we do accept studio, live, demos. Please ask yourself : do my track will be appreciated as it is by the professional people who will listen to it ?

Format : we prefer .mp3. We accept .wav and professional formats as flac and aac. If you choose another format than mp3, we may ask you to send the mp3 in addition for easiest sharing.

We accept all langages.
Non-english lyrics must come with a translation. This translation must be the closest to the meaning of the lyrics. Meaning a translation do NOT have to rhyme.

This is NOT a music video contest. We accept Music Videos, but we do not Judge Music Videos. If it more convenient for you, you can submit your music video instead of a track.

Each winner will receive its certificate and informations by e-mail.

If you submit to Best Cover your submission must specify the original song and artist.
If you submit to Best original song for a film and Best film score, your submission must specify the movie attached (title, director, link to official page…)
If you submit to Best signed artist your submission must specify your label (with link to website).
If you submit to Artist revelation (Under 21), you must be under 21 years old, and send a proof of that, attached to the FilmFreeway submission as a picture.


We track the best.

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